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The perfect pink winter coat

It’s a well known fact that my favourite colour is pink. In my mind you need a mental heath check if your favourite colour ISN’T pink, but that may be going too far. In shops my eyes are always drawn to the pink and pastel hues, and although I do love and appreciate dark colours in Winter (there’s nothing more sexy and sophisticated than a head to toe black on black ensemble), I hate to see the pale, pastel colours filtering out as the weather gets darker and colder, because it absolutely doesn’t need to happen. Pastels look amazing in the Winter! I love it when I’m walking through London amongst dreary crowds of people who look like they’ve stepped through a greyscale filter, and I see a pop of bright white or pale blue. It’s so refreshing and they immediately stand out! And I always feel more special and princessy when I’m wearing light colours in Winter- I feel like a Christmas snow fairy or like I’m in St Petersburg going to the watch the Russian ballet perform The Nutcracker… Ok so I sometimes get a little carried away.

So, how to incorporate the magic colour into your Winter wardrobe. Well, obviously (in the UK at least), most of our time spent outside the house, and therefore spent out of pyjamas, is spent in a coat, so if you can find the perfect Winter coat, you can put it over absolutely anything and you will always look fabulous. I like to update my coats every year to always feel fresh and on trend, and I don’t mind investing in nice ones either, as like I said, I spend so much time in them. And, every year, a pink coat becomes a winter staple, so naturally this year I was on the hunt for my perfect pink winter coat.

And I found it in this amazing Miss Selfridge beauty. The baby shade of pink is just perfect, and the soft white faux fur collar gives it that festive touch that I just love. It has a gorgeous wool feel, and is perfectly fitted, with the sleeves ending just before my wrist- which is probably down to me having long arms but I love it none the less- and the little pink buttons and fake pockets are perfect little details. Worn over black tights and Chelsea boots, this coat gives you that perfect, pretty, “put together” look, without really having made much effort at all. It’s all in the coat! 

Priced at a modest £69, this coat is a real style steal. And if pink isn’t exactly for you (are you okay???) they also make it in the prettiest pale blue, a gorgeous burgundy, AND if you absolutely must, a classic black. You can shop the coat below, or if this one wasn’t for you but you still love the idea of a pink winter coat, I’ve included some others I love that I’ve found online for you to have a look at. 

Lots of love and pinkness as always,

Freds x


  1. charannelane says:

    Such a gorgeous colour coat! It looks simply stunning on you! I have a baby pink duster coat and I love sprucing my all black outfit up by wearing it 🙂 xo

    Char |

  2. maadalenaaa says:

    I'm in love with your coat, it's stunning! And I couldn't agree more – brighter colours are awesome for the Winter (:

  3. Unknown says:

    My favourite colour will always be pink! I have this coat and it's my favourite!! Xx

  4. Julia says:

    This coat is gorgeous! I love pastel pink just like you, but as I have a darker skintone and darker hair, it doesn't suit me at all 🙁 otherwise I would already have a baby pink coat too, trust me!

    Julia xx
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  5. Brigitte says:

    This coat is adorable, I love it! You look gorgeous 🙂 x

    Brigitte |

  6. Sarah says:

    Beautiful Freddy! I love pink in the winter as well. I also like switching up the colour of my winter coat each year, because I usually keep them for at least a few years. Doing this gives me lots of options when choosing my outerwear for the day 🙂

    Sweet Spontaneity

  7. elkedw94 says:

    I think I found this one on the website of Zalando!
    It is so beautiful! I love it in blue as well!

  8. Unknown says:

    This coat is so cute! I wish I had it 😮


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