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The frill hem saga continues. 

You know me, when I find a trend I like, I adopt it and clutch onto it like a long lost child. Little did I know, when I ordered these particular trousers, (which I initially thought I would return from lack of confidence to wear them), that they would be the key piece of my Spring wardrobe, and totally evolve and expand my style! If you guys read my last blog post, you’ll already know about my love for the frilled hem trousers, but even though I wrote about my white ones first, it was actually this gorgeous grey pair that inspired and started the whole obsession…

I freakingggg love this outfit. This has been one of my every day looks for the past month or so. The trousers are actually a perfect Winter to Spring transitional piece, looking equally as stylish paired with either a cami top for the warmer days, or a high neck, tight fitting knit, depending on our ever-temperamental English weather. I feel like I can’t go on too much about the trousers, as I wrote so much about them in my last post! But they are just the perfect blend of a current trend, and my own simple, feminine style. As a fashion blogger, (how I do enjoy calling myself that these days), and actually just somebody passionate about fashion and style, I do think it’s important to keep up to date with current trends, but not compromising your own personal style. Finding the balance is key! I don’t believe in chasing after trends, purely for the fact they are currently cool, but equally one mustn’t be too set in their own ways and reject new trends, as that’s when you’re style will become dated. In short, I try and let my style evolve and expand and go where the fashion wind takes me, but you will never see me in sliders!

Anyway, back to the point- the outfit! The trousers have such a gorgeous, tailored feel cut, and sit at a super flattering and convenient place on the hips, meaning they look great with tops tucked in or flowing out. I also love the beautiful, neutral lilac-y grey colour. I think it makes them a lot easier to wear and a good way to ‘break into’ them than if they were say, a bright pink (which I also have in my wardrobe by the way, but you know, I’m a frill hem connoisseur now.) I’ve found that trousers are actually a pretty convenient thing to wear; they keep you fairly warm and you don’t need to worry about having smooth, tanned legs… however I’ve always found them a little bit too masculine and ‘office-y’ for my taste. But the frill hem on these trousers just give them that gorgeous, cute, feminine flair that totally diminishes those connotations. 

I’ll be totally honest with you! I had to push myself to wear these. I’m never been a particularly bold kind of dresser, but it was one of my new years resolutions to be braver and more confident when it comes to fashion and step outside of my comfort zone. And after a few outings, these feel totally natural and actually pretty tame, and have become a staple piece in my Spring wardrobe, inspiring the purchase of a white pair and also a pink pair of course! 

The top I paired with the bottoms, is this really pretty, super simple off-shoulder cami. I wanted something really minimal, that would compliment and add to the feminine, chic look  the trousers demand. I absolutely love the juxtaposition between the free, flowing style of the top, and the more structured, statement style of the trousers, I think it works so well and gives the outfit dimension. 

To accessorise, I’ve added these adorable retro Miu Miu sunglasses, which I think are ridiculously cool and so much fun to wear, adding a cute, vintage vibe to the outfit. And of course, my beloved Chloé Drew bag. I think this is actually the first time I’ve shown this on my blog, which is unbelievable as it has practically become an extension of my body since I got it a few months ago. It really has been my dream bag for about two years, and I still get butterflies every time I see it and remember it’s mine! Ok, so we all know this bag is expensive, especially for a small shoulder bag. I was so lucky that My Theresa, an amazing online designer retailer, offered me a gift voucher that partially paid for it, but honestly, I was literally on the brink of buying it, and the only thing holding me back was that I had just bought my Louis Vuitton. I’m not the girl that constantly splurges a lot of money like that, but I was so torn between the two bags when I decided to treat myself, and I decided to go for the LV because it was more of an ‘everyday’ bag as it’s nice and spacious, and also the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is a good investment piece as it’s a classic style that really retains it’s value. Having said that however, I’ve used my Drew just as much as my Neverfull! And it’s actually so refreshing to carry a small bag. When you have a large bag, you fill it. You fill it with nonsense items you don’t really need just because you can, and you end up taking out a heavy bag that can actually spoil your day. The Chloe fits in everything that’s totally necessary; wallet (mine is a relatively large purse), phone (I have the 7plus), tangle teezer (great brush for taking out on the go), and a small makeup bag for the essentials (lipliner, lipstick, concealer, beauty blender, mirror). And it’s incredible how much more pleasant your day can be without a horrid heavy handbag bringing you down and giving you backache! So it surprisingly gets all the points for practicality. Not to even mention it’s major style points. It literally goes with everything, and makes every outfit look ten times better. I’m serious! I could be wearing a plain old pair of jeans and a white tee, but sling the Drew over my shoulder and look chic! It’s honestly such an incredible bag, and I know at this point if anything happened to it, I would definitely put the money in and buy another. In fact, I’m even tempted to buy it in another colour, but I think that may be going a bit far! Anyway, I hope you love it as much as I do, because I have a feeling you’re going to be seeing a lot of it on the blog from now until forever!

And finally, the shoooooooes. I’ve always said I’m not a shoe person, but I think I’m lying to myself more than anyone else. I picked up these fabulous peep-toe sandals by Miss KG at Kurt Geiger, and they have already been worn more than half the shoes in my wardrobe! They add such a fun, youthful sass to every outfit! I LOVE the sexy ankle strap, and the block heel. I know some people have mixed feelings about block heels, but I think it’s all down to personal taste, as even though in general I’m always drawn to daintier styles, I much prefer these to say, a stiletto heel. I think they are much younger and much more fun! The colour is so versatile, especially for Spring, and they are the perfect day to night shoe, looking just as fabulous under a pair on pale, cuffed jeans, as they do accompanying a pretty little evening occasion dress. And the heel height is just spot on. You guys know I’m not so into high heels, mainly because I’m fairly tall and I feel uncomfortable totally towing over people, but also, who on earth can bare to walk or even stand for a long period of time in high heels?! But on the contrary, I just love the lifted feeling you get wearing heels. Your legs look longer and lovelier, your posture immediately looks better, and I always find myself walking with my head held higher and with a little flounce in my step, and I love that feeling. So these shoes are the perfect compromise. I’ve actually spent full days out in London walking around in these, and I would be lying if I said they didn’t hurt me at all, but that was mainly just the shoe cutting into my feet rather than actually foot-ache, so if you armour up with plasters beforehand you’ll be totally good to go. These were such a great find, and I’ve already got so much wear out of them and really made the purchase worth it. I already know these will be my most worn shoes this Spring/Summer!
So that wraps up this outfit post! I hope you’re enjoying these posts, as I’m trying to put them up more regularly and share more of my favourite outfits with you. Please let me know in the comments section if there’s anything else you’d like to see up here on my blog. I’ve been so buried deep in my youtube channel for the past year, it’s so nice to have another platform to be creative on. Fashion is harder to do on Youtube, (you wouldn’t make a video on one outfit like you can a blog post), and I’m in love with writing, so I’m really enjoying this a lot, and I’d really appreciate your suggestions. As always, you can shop the post below, and please do let me know if you bought anything you saw me wear, as when I read those comments/tweets, it honestly makes me so, so happy- it makes everything seem worth it knowing I inspired someone.

Lots of love,

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