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Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! I’m back with another personal style post- but this time with a difference. If you watch my youtube channel, or follow me on Snapchat or Twitter, you’ll know I have a total OBSESSION with lingerie and nightwear. I’m not kidding- my pyjama drawer barely closes anymore. And my favourite store to feed my obsession is Boux Avenue, so I’ve picked a few of my favourite things from their current collection to share with you!

I first discovered Boux Avenue back in 2012- I went to get some of their invisible underwear, which I must say, is amazing and such a life saver. Then I discovered just how damn pretty everything was, and there was no going back! Firstly, I have to mention just how GORGEOUS the stores are. Seriously- if you want to know what my blog would look like in shop form, look no further! The shop floor is beautifully designed, and smells of their signature scent White Chiffon, (which I actually have the room spray and candles of at home because it’s that lovely!). And the fitting rooms are just idyllic, nice and spacious in a gorgeous girly boudoir style, with changeable light settings in the mirrors so you can see how you look in different lights. They offer a bespoke bra fitting service, which I’d completely recommend as wearing the correct size can totally change how you look and feel, plus it’s complimentary, and the ladies in store are always so lovely and friendly and make you feel totally at ease, so there’s no need for any feelings of awkwardness! Then they wrap up your chosen items in lovely pink tissue paper in a pretty box and scatter White Chiffon scented rose petals (which are fab for putting in your underwear drawer to keep everything smelling fresh and lovely!). Basically, the whole shopping experience is a dream, from walking through the door to walking out. NOW, I’ll show you my favourite bits from the current collection!

If you’re looking for the perfect pair or classic, girly, satin pyjamas, then you needn’t look any further. These are pretty much pyjama perfection. The pale pink cami and shorts set are so cute and girly, but the black lace trim around the bust and hem gives it a subtle sexiness. They are so beautiful to the touch, and feel so lovely on your skin, they really are the nicest to wear in bed, and of course for lounging around looking pretty. I adore the little black bow details on the shorts and also the straps. Super feminine and flirty, very sophisticated but still young and cute- just how you know I love it! I have honestly worn these so much since I got them, they are just so classic and glamorous and I feel so much better waking up and ready to slay the day in the morning in something gorgeous like this rather than an old t-shirt!

Now moving on to this chemise nightie, and I’m not kidding when I say this has got to be one of the prettiest things I have ever seen! The beautiful silky satin fabric is the most seriously stunning duck egg blue, (which of course is my second favourite colour to pink!) with the prettiest peachy pink eyelash lace detail flirtatiously running through it, from up and around the bust down through the side ending at the top of the thigh with a sexy slit and cute little duck egg bow. Lace and bows, lace and bows, do you see now why I love Boux Avenue so much?! The back of the chemise swoops down to the top of your lower back, and finishes off with a pretty cross detail. This really is the prettiest, most feminine, luxurious nightwear you could ever hope to find, with the perfect combination of flirty and glamorous and that ultra tasteful sexy hint. Seriously, I’m in love.

Next, I have another gorgeous satin cami and short set, these ones a little less super girly, but adorable and feminine none the less. The black satin is super sexy yet of course remaining classy, and the beautiful pale pink rose print make this set utterly classic. The black lace detail runs around the bra area giving it that ultra classic femininity and is super flattering, and the signature Boux Avenue bows on the shorts and chest complete the cute yet glamorous look

There is something so luxurious and sensual about wearing beautiful satin nightwear- it makes me feel beautiful, sexy and confident even when just going to bed. And that’s why I love Boux Avenue- you can feel like Blair Waldorf without needing Queen B’s budget. Boux’s products are at an amazing high street price point- the prices are high enough that you know you’re not paying into something cheap whatsoever, but modest enough that they are really accessible. They’ve basically nailed affordable luxury, and there’s no wonder they are the leading the lingerie and nightwear brands, in the UK and internationally. Also, they have a great range of sizes, from size 6 to 18, so everyone can join in on the bedtime glam.

Now for a little sneak peak of a couple of my favourite underwear pieces. The first is a classic black and pink lace balconette bra. In my opinion, black and pink lace has got to be the best combination for flirty lingerie, and this design is the perfect amount of sexiness without crossing the line into over provocative. The bra is only lightly padded, which I’ve found myself favouring more and more recently. The bras range from sizes 28-38 and cups A-G, but like I said before it’s definitely worth going and getting a free fitting to get the best out of your pretty undies! And my favourite thing about Boux Avenue underwear, is that there is a choice between briefs and a thong for each lingerie set. Ok, don’t get me wrong- I do love a thong now and then, they are super sexy and in the right scenario they are perfect. But damn are they a pain in the bum (literally) and often I’ve decided AGAINST buying an underwear set because it’s a thong and not classic knickers. It’s amazing to get the choice of either! 

 Then finally, my favouriteeeeeee. Honestly, I can’t tell you how much I love a bralette. No underwire, no padding, just pure lace on boob. There is nothing sexier! And you’d be surprised just how flattering they actually are. Let’s be honest, my assets are modest at best, and my whole life I’ve insisted on wear underwired, insanely padded bras to feel confident. But I’m telling you, this style is SO much more flattering, not to mention unbeatably comfortable. They have this style in several colours, but how gorgeous is this peachy pink. Sooo super girly and lovely, it really couldn’t be any prettier! And again of course you have the choice between a thong, and in this case really cute little lace boyshorts style bottoms, which again are possibly the most flattering style of knickers I’ve ever tried on. Seriously, I tried this set on and was like woah. Is that me? It made me feel so confident inside, even though no one else could see. 

So if you hadn’t already gathered, I am one true fan of Boux Avenue. Their beautiful designs are second to none, the product quality is fantastic and fits to perfection. I hope I’ve given you some night time and under wear inspo! It really is a love of mine, and I feel like it doesn’t get talked about enough on the blogging scene. More bras pleeeease! 

If you liked the look of anything I showed, you can get 20% any full price items with my special discount code, FREDDY20. You can shop lingerie here, and nightwear here. You can also sign up to the Boux Avenue VIP scheme, where you collect 3 point for every £1 spent, and get exclusive previews of sales and promotions. Plus you get a gorgeous VIP card which I can guarantee without even looking in your purse that it will be the prettiest one in there, trust me. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post! As always you can shop the items below, and I’ll see you next time <3

This post was kindly SPONSORED by Boux Avenue. Find out more about the way I work with brands here.


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