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 I’ve been holding off posting on my website, but I couldn’t resist shooting this outfit and sharing it with you. I do a lot of shopping, we all know this. And I update my wardrobe pretty frequently, far more often than the average girl would- or should! And somehow I still manage to have the “nothing to wear” breakdown! However occasionally, along comes an outfit that I fall in love with, and I find myself reaching for day in day out, and find myself hearing “oh no, not that again!” from those around me. But I can’t help it! When I really feel like I perfected an outfit, and I feel confident and comfortable in it, I will wear it until I’m totally bored with it! And probably instagram story it until you’re bored with it too… apologies for that. But as always, it’s these outfits that make it onto the blog!

First came the trousers. It’s usually one statement, exciting piece that inspires an outfit, and the rest always just falls into place. I saw these in River Island whilst on an actual-real-life shopping trip- something that doesn’t happen so often in the days of ASOS and next day delivery. Although I thought they were absolutely incredible, I initially walked away from them fearing I wouldn’t have the confidence to pull them off. Even though culottes are definitely “in”, they are still a teeeeeny little bit out there. But as I continued shopping, I couldn’t get them out of my mind, and after I failed to come across anything else that really caught my eye, I decided to go back and take a chance on these pink, chef-ish trousers. When I brought them home, I was met with the oh so familiar “erm what were you thinking Freds” eyes by my mum and boyfriend. But when I tried them on, thrown together with a black high neck and heels, they were like… OH. I get it now. They looked so sexy and sophisticated with black peep toe heels, and the black high neck top brought down the level of ‘statement’ and made the trousers super wearable. But then one super cold day, I decided to try them with the grey Abercrombie jumper I bought out in LA. And I was like woah. Now THIS looks nice. The grey compliments the stripes in the culottes so nicely, and the relaxed, loose fit makes the whole outfit so Winter cosy, casual chic. The absolute perfect look for Winter in the city! And other than slightly chilly ankles, it’s a great outfit for looking stylist but keeping warm too. I’m also looking forward to styling these in Spring, with a cute cami and ankle strap heeled sandals. Cuuuuuute!

It’s okay, I can see you staring. Yes, I’m bringing berets back this Winter! I used to wear a black beret to school every day, and my boyfriend often says how much he loved it and how I should start wearing them again! I always kind of laugh him off, but after watching Gossip Girl (side note; I literally watch Gossip Girl every single day. It’s just ON in the background whilst I get on with stuff. It’s literally playing now as I write this) and getting serious style envy from Blair and Jenny Humphrey (season 1 of course), I decided that this Winter, berets would be my thing. And my boyfriend actually bought me this gorgeous little pink one for my birthday whilst we were in LA, and it was pretty much the only thing that made coming home to the cold less depressing! You don’t really feel like wearing wool hats in 30-40 degree weather! And I am just so in love with how they look. I love bringing a little Parisian chic to London. Plus, you don’t have to worry about having flat (or even maybe not the cleanest) hair! Not to mention this is definitely the cutest way of preventing the inevitable headache and pinprick ears that comes from the cold in London. Pretty and practical! My favourite new look for Winter. And how perfectly does the beret match the trousers? In colour, and in fabulous French style.

So I’m sure you’re pretty familiar with this beauty by now. Quite easily the most worn item in my wardrobe this entire year, and yet I’m still so enchanted by it, and nowhere near bored (as I’m sure my Instagram followers probably are!). How is it a bag can transcend seasons so seamlessly, and style so easily with so many different looks. I will never not be in love with this bag! I think it’s incredibly important if you are spending a lot of money on a luxury purchase, that you don’t let it sit in the dustbag, whether that might be because it doesn’t go with enough outfits, or you’re simply too afraid to use it! And that just couldn’t be further from the case with this bag. It’s pretty much become an extension of my body! It literally goes with everything I have. It’s so convenient and fits a lot more inside than you’d expect (check out my video where I show you everything I fit inside). If anything happened to it, there’s no doubt in my mind I would repurchase it. It literally makes any outfit look perfect and more expensive. I feel like it really stands out without being a typical statement bag. It just looks special. If there’s one bag you should add to your wish list, I promise you it’s this one! Is it too soon for me to look at other colours… probably yes.

 So it’s not only the Chloe Drew making an encore on my blog today, it’s the boots too. These gorgeous Hudsons first made it onto the Freddy scene almost two years ago! And they are definitely one of my most worn pairs of shoes ever. They are understated but actually totally unique- I haven’t come across a pair exactly like this ever since! I’m sure there have been some similar, but I’m a shoe perfectionist, and these are nothing less than perfect. Firstly the heel height is great. You all know I love a heel, for posture, lengthening your legs and just generally giving you a bit more cat in your walk, but high heels aren’t really my thing, unless it’s an occasion, but not for every day wear. So a cute little 3 inch heel is ideal! Far enough out of kitten heel territory but not a sky scraper either. Secondly, the almond toe shape. I find pointed shoes and boots too mature and severe, but totally rounded toes aren’t as feminine. These are perfectly in the middle. And finally, I love how tightly the boots fit round the ankle. It creates a flattering line for your legs, and also a completely polished and neat silhouette. In short? I love the boots. LOVE THE BOOTS. And I would absolutely recommend wearing a heel of some sort with these culottes, or any culottes for that matter. The three quarter length can cut your legs off slightly and be a little unflattering, but heel totally counteracts that!

 I’m going to leave it here with a cute pic of my gorgeous boyfriend doubling up as my stylist and adjusting my beret. Love you JJ <3 Thank you so much if you are reading this, it means you haven’t given up on me as a blogger and I’m so glad to have you here. Freddy My Love is getting a makeover very soon and I’m so excited to bring you more fashion and style content, as it really is my true passion and slightly hard to get across on Youtube. Lots and love of love, and you will hear from me soon.

Stay tuned,


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