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Hey everyone, I’m back with another outfit post- I told you it wouldn’t be long! And I’m so excited about this post, as I’ve teamed up with Hollister and put together four gorgeous Summer/Pre-fall outfits to show you, to suit whichever mood you’re in- girly, sexy, cool and free. As most of you know, I worked in a Hollister store for three years pre-blogging, so it’s so exciting and special to me that I get to work with them on content for my blog now! While I didn’t always enjoy dealing with rude customers, I always, always adored Hollister clothes. I could never get over how damn SOFT everything was, and I would spend all day folding something, gradually falling in love with it, and end up buying it at the end of my shift. I pretty much ended up working for free after all the clothes I bought! The brand has changed a lot since I worked there, but still retains and embodies that gorgeous, carefree, “easy breezy” California feeling in their clothes that I just love in Summer. 

So the first outfit is this gorgeous shirt and shorts combo. I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with Hollister’s white shirts… I think this is my fifth or sixth from over the years! I would always come home and my mum would say “Not ANOTHER one!?” but I just couldn’t help it. They are so classic, making an outfit go from bleak to chic with a roll of the sleeves and a tie round the waist. And they fit so, so well; they are cut to the perfect shape. I always roll the sleeves up and tie a knot round the waist as I think it just gives the coolest, most effortlessly stylish look, and it has this slight hint of rebellion, like a cheeky schoolgirl customising her uniform. Smart, stylish, and sexy. 

To pair with the shirt, I got these amazing embroidered denim shorts from Miss Selfridge. I am in LOVE with these. The way they completely hug your waist, bum and thighs is so flattering, and I always gravitate towards high waisted as they are so comfortable yet so stylish at the same time. I love the pale wash of the denim. Years ago I used to hate pale denim, I would always get the darkest blue I could find, but now I can’t get enough of this pretty, washed out colour. And finally of course the beautiful rose embroidery, which is SO on trend right now, and such a cool little modern nod to the nineties. Absolutely gorgeous!

The second outfit is this suuuuuuper pretty little ivory lace Hollister playsuit. You just cannot go wrong with this. Lace is always classic, wonderfully feminine and cute. I love the crossover detail on the top half, and the way it pulls in at the waist. And I can’t tell you how SOFT this is- it’s literally like a blanket. I just love playsuits in Summer, they are so easy just to throw on and you need hardly make any effort at all to look lovely- the playsuit does it ALL for you. Just throw on a cute pair of shoes- I picked up this lovely little pair of pale bluey/grey lace heeled sandals from asos- and you are good to go! If you are going to invest in just one item of clothing, always go for a playsuit.

Now this outfit I think is my favourite. I am NOT a girl that wears denim jeans. I used to live in my black Zara skinny jeans when I used to go to castings, but other than that I’ve just always associated them with grungy, boring people who can’t be bothered to make an effort. You could ask any of my friends, and they would laugh and say “Freddy? Jeans?”.  But I have toooooootally changed my mind! I’ve been so inspired by other bloggers and instagram fashion accounts recently to EXPAND my style, and I’ve been playing with different tops and shoes, making jeans look super stylish AND still girly. It’s so exciting when you fall in love with something you thought you’d never ever wear. And I just ADORE these Hollister boyfriend jeans. First of all, they are just the comfiest things ever to exist. And they just look so casual but stylish- like you don’t have a care in the world and are not trying to impress anyone at all but you STILL look great. The pale wash and the neat rips are incredibly on trend, and turning them up at the bottom (a TOTAL original Hollister trend, I mean, did you really work at Hollister if you didn’t double cuff your jeans?) gives them a really cute edge. I do they think are harder to pull off than a regular pair of skinnies, but with the right combination, these can look unreal. 

So I paired the jeans with this ADORABLE bardot top from Hollister. This is so so cute, and perfect with the jeans, as it’s nice and tight fitting, contrasting the loose fit of the jeans, and really complimenting the waist! It has the super casual and cool ribbed effect, but the bardot neckline gives it that ultimate classic feminine touch, and a little hint of shoulder is so subtly sexy. And of course the beautiful lace trim on the shoulders- the PERFECT detail to really finish the ultimate feminine look- I adore it so, so much. This top would look amazing with literally anything high waisted- jeans, shorts, or a skirt- but I love the way it looks with these particular jeans, as the juxtaposition between the slight tomboyishness (good word there Freddy) of the jeans and the ultra girliness of the top creates such an amazing, stylish, put together casual look. Matched up with a cute little shoulder bag, and some strappy heels, you have the ultimate daytime outfit. 

And finally, I’ve returned to the fab Miss Selfridge shorts, but this time paired it with this adorable little dusky pink Hollister cami. This is just co cute and casual, and so easy to wear. It has an adorable peplum hem, lace details running along the neckline, and a sweet little bow to tie up at the back. So simple, yet so pretty, and so loose fitting that it really has that gorgeous carefree sunny Cali vibe that Hollister does so well. The pink matches the embroidery of the shorts so well that I had to put them together! And to finish the look I got these super cool Quay Australia sunglasses, and these gorgeous lace up sandals from Asos, as the colour and embroidery detail matches so perfectly and completes the outfit flawlessly! 

I hope you enjoyed the post- I love putting outfits together to show you and hopefully give you some style inspiration and ideas on how to wear certain items of clothing. I know I’m going to be wearing these outfits to death! Remember you can shop the post by clicking on the little pictures of the items below 🙂

Much love as always!

This post was kindly SPONSORED by Hollister. Find out more about the way I work with brands here.



  1. I love the first shirt and shorts combination, it is super pretty.

  2. Emma Lisa says:

    These outfits are so pretty! My favourite is the lace playsuit – I'll keep an eye out for that when I'm next in Hollister x

  3. Hair Centre says:

    These are some really cute pieces. I love the boyfriend jeans!

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  4. Unknown says:

    I love all these looks. So cute & girly 💗💗

  5. Unknown says:

    I literally want to steal your wardrobe, everything is so cute!

  6. Alexiibexii says:

    Your posts are always so beautiful and simply amazing freddy 😍

  7. I have always loved the effortless style of Hollister clothes 🙂 They really do make the most stunning pieces that are super easy to wear!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love all of These!!! Freddy, you look amazing!!!xx

  9. Unknown says:

    Love this post, Freddy you're so gorgeous and so are these outfits. I'm very inspired by you and hope you continue with what you're doing here!
    Love, Jenny x

  10. Anonymous says:

    Love all of these! Need to invest in those jeans!!

  11. Unknown says:

    this is so cute! i love your style sm ♥

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