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Hey gorgeous girls and guys, and welcome back.
Let’s cut to the chase. When I saw this outfit in Zara, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Or should I say, tripped and stumbled into Chanel. Despite it’s dire customer service, and often regrettably poor quality, the effortless way Zara picks up on recent catwalk trends and brings them to the high street in ultra wearable ways, is what keeps me coming back to the over crowded, badly lit rooms, queuing for what seems like hours and walking out with that grey paper carrier bag of gold time… and time… and time again. I’d actually just done a Zara haul video on my channel the week before, spent an obscene amount of money and was only visiting the store to make some returns, when I saw this on a mannequin. I swear my heart almost stopped! For goodness sake, I was supposed to be coming here to save some wardrobe space and make my purse a little heaver again, not the other way around! But how could I walk away and let that go? And at only £56 for the whole outfit, it didn’t exactly break the bank…

I spent weeks and weeks earlier on this year, searching for the perfect (non-tacky) Chanel dupes for my Chanel Haute Couture SS17 Inspired Lookbook and it was seriously hard work. Probably because I did it far too early- the high street brands hadn’t had time to catch on yet, but I wanted to do the video early enough to still be relevant. This would have been the dream duo to feature in the video. To me, this is instantly recognisable as a Chanel inspired piece. The delicate, feminine tweed in nude tones is a classic staple look, but the subtle gold metallic running through and of course the feather detail on the pockets, is such a nod to the SS17 collection. Obviously, haute couture isn’t exactly wearable for the every day girl, so I just love how Zara has created something so simple and wearable, that totally captures the essence and glamour of the Paris catwalk. And much lighter on your bank account. Now let’s talk accessories…

First of all, I have my beautiful Pandora princess ring. My boyfriend recently bought this for me because of course, I’m his princess, and if I can’t wear a tiara on my head every day I should wear one on my finger. We all need a bit of sap in our lives, ok people? I absolutely adore it; the shiny rose gold, the intricate design, it’s just so so pretty. Then to match, I’m wearing one of my new favourite watches, which is the rose gold La Vedette by Cluse. I’m so here and there with watches, sometimes I love something big, shiny and statement, but other time I much prefer something really minimal and elegant. I love how petite and delicate the watch is, yet it still makes it’s statement with the metallic strap. So cute and the perfect watch to go with this outfit. Then finally, this fun rose gold clutch that I picked up from Accessorise on the same day I shot these pictures, as I didn’t already own anything that would compliment. Apart from the Chloe which looks amazing with this outfit (doesn’t it look amazing with everything?), but she featured in the last post so I wanted t mix it up a bit! I shot this outfit pretty last minute and didn’t have a lot of time to find a bag. Accessorize was my first stop, and a successful one, reinforcing my thoughts of them as a total go-to, one stop shop for accessories. 

On my feet are these pretty little block heels court shoes by Dune. I picked these up back in December, but amazingly they are still in stock, presumably because they sell really well. And I can see why! They’ve already taken me through multiple occasions and have become somewhat of a go to, whether it’s for an evening occasion where I’m wearing something kinda fancy but don’t want to go overboard with super heels, or even if I just want to slightly glam up a casual every day look. And they are so comfortable- they feel more like wearing flats than heels, yet you still get that ‘lift’. How wonderful is it for us tall girls and girls that like to wear a heel on a day to day basis, that these shoes are in? I feel like a few years ago this style of shoe was only worn by teachers and bank workers, and not the cool ones. I wouldn’t have worn them if you paid me! Isn’t it funny how fashion comes around. Now I’m rejoicing that I can wear a two-inch heel and still be stylish! I’d really recommend adding a pair of these to your shoe collection, and even better, they are currently half price! 

P.s. I just proof read my post, and thought I was so convincing on the shoes, I’ve even convinced myself and just ordered another pair in nude! 

I hope you enjoyed reading! Please do let me know in the comments if you’ve seen anything you think I must have! You can shop all the accessories in the post below, except the top and skirt, which you can find here & here

Lots of love,

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