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Cable knits and flounce

I LOVE styling winter outfits. I feel like people think they can’t be as creative in Winter as in Summer but it’s not true- styling winter clothes is so much fun. I pretty much keep to the exact same style- just adapt it to the cold, and add really cute wintery touches. Such as cable knits! I absolutely love jumpers and sweaters, and it’s one thing I really miss in the warm months and look forward to as it gets chillier. And I have a particular soft spot for cable knit- especially cream. It’s a bit offensive how many cream cable knits I have, but this new one is a new favourite. I said to myself at the beginning of this Winter that I wanted to have a cute essence of sixties style, and I am just adoring these high neck short sleeve jumpers. Even without arms they are so warm and cosy, and look incredible stylish but still really cute. 

And now, this skirt is the actual new love of my LIFE. I have had it for about a month and already worn it to death. It is the most wearable skirt, that goes with absolutely everything. It was forty pounds from Zara, which is on the expensive side for a skirt, but when you feel the weight and quality of the material, you can excuse the price as it actually looks and feel much more expensive than that, especially with it’s very “tailored” look. It is a woollen skater style, with amazingly defined wide pleats. I love a skirt to stick out but don’t want to look like I’m wearing a tutu, and this skirt has the perfect amount of flounce. I saw this skirt a couple of months ago and didn’t buy it, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My motto is- if you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it- and when I saw it on Up Close and Stylish’s instagram I knew it had to be mine! (I love her.) 

I totally adore this jumper and skirt combination. It’s effortlessly chic and completely wearable without a hint of laziness, and the perfect balance if like me, you don’t want to completely succumb to the English Winter standard boring style, but still want to embrace the certain lovely elements of Winter fashion. I’ve paired the outfit with my Carvela pale blue cross body bag, and although this outfit would look just as good with a more Winter appropriate colour, I still love to add a pop of pastel just to stay true to my own light bright style! 

As always, you can shop the post below, excluding the Carvela as I think it must be out of stock, but I’ve found a beauuuuuut Michael Kors alternative (it’s hard to find pale blue crossbodys in Winter!) and the Zara skirt which you can find by clicking here. I really hope you are enjoying my new content and I’m inspiring you to embrace Winter fashion 🙂 

Freds x


  1. Abbsjehh says:

    Loved this blogpost!❤

  2. shanylou says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. shanylou says:

    I love this outfit and I have that bag! 🙂 xx

    They still have it in stock on Secret Sales for £25 😀

  4. Unknown says:

    Do you have any tips for maintaining the quality of your black boots? I always find that my black ankle boots are ruined within like 6 months of wearing them 🙁

  5. Unknown says:

    Do you have any tips for maintaining the quality of your black boots? I always find that my black ankle boots are ruined within like 6 months of wearing them 🙁

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